When is a nude not a nude?

I have extremely pigmented lips. This is hardly a nightmare situation; in fact, I rather like it. It means that there is no space in my life for wishy-washy lip colours which impart a sheer wash of pinky-beigey somethingness. Either go pigmented or go home – nothing else shows up on me. It also means that the standard nude lipstick looks damn silly on me, as the natural rosy colour of my lips shows through and I just look like I’ve got concealer all over myself.

It does mean that the usual recommendations for a ‘my lips but better’ lipstick shades rarely – well, never, actually – a decent match for me. I’d sort of given up on the idea of a shade which just brightened up and evened out my natural colour, so wasn’t really expecting to come across this. A previous purchase from Burberry meant that I had a few samples of their Lip Cover formulation (not as sheer as the Lip Mist, more moisturising than the Lip Velvet). Largely out of boredom, I popped on the sample in Blush and could hardly believe my eyes. It was the effect that elusive effect that I’d seen bloggers bang on about, and never really understood. My lips looked like my lips – but better. Imagine that.

The formulation is lovely – moisturising and velvety and very evenly pigmented. The only issue is a lack of staying power – not unprecedented in a moisturising lipstick, but a trifle irritating all the same. This is where the Boots No.7 lip liner – also, coincidentally, called ‘Blush’ – comes in. The two match beautifully to give me the perfect, face-lifting, longer-lasting lip.

Obviously, ‘my lips but better’ shades are extremely difficult to call, and totally dependant on the individual, but if you’re the owner of pigmented chops, you might want to have a look at the Burberry line.

Shots of lips are all very well, but I like to see my shots in the context of an actual human face. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the effect.

Shots of lips are all very well, but I like to see my shots in the context of an actual human face. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the effect.


If you’re going to only own one ‘my lips but better’ shade then beautiful packaging is extremely welcome.

Burberry Lip Cover No.9 'Blush'

Burberry Lip Cover No.9 ‘Blush’

It’s the standard heavy, chic Burberry packaging which makes you feel just that little bit more like Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely (oh, if only!) when you apply it. The scent is quite strong – the classic, familiar lipstick scent which I always associate with my mum’s Lancome lipsticks – something to take account of if you’re sensitive to that sort of business.

It’ll set you back £22.50. Lamentable and regrettable, but worth it for the only shade that my lips have ever recognised as their soulmate.

I just got a little bit carried away doing some maths, but it’s nice to know what you’re getting in terms of relative bang for your buck.

A Burberry lipstick will give you 3.8g of product for £22.50, i.e. £5.92 per gram. Gram for gram, that makes it more expensive than Mac (£14 for 3g, £4.76 per gram) but fairly modest compared to Chanel and Dior (both £25 for 3.5g, or £7.14 per gram) or for argument’s sake, Tom Ford (£36 for 3g, making it a terrifying £12 per gram. Christ on a bike.)

There’s nothing like good ole’ maths for a bit of self-justification.


2 thoughts on “When is a nude not a nude?

  1. I have the exact same problem–pigmented lips that the traditional MLBB suggestions don’t match. Blush looks absolutely stunning on you–and I’ve literally never encountered a Burberry Beauty product I haven’t liked, so I will have to check this one out straight away!

    • I think that even if Blush doesn’t work for you, they’ve got a load of beautiful subtle rosy shades that might. The No.7 lipliner’s a great investment too – everyone raves about the colour Nude but I find it quite deadening. Hope you find something that you like!

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