Project Pensioner: Or, ‘Why I want Suqqu brushes’

I was looking at this post, ‘The Changing Culture of Disposability’ and one point that the author makes really resonated with me – the idea that in the past things were built to last. You didn’t ‘own’ things, you ‘use’ them, and you derive benefit from them over a lifetime and ultimately pass them on. I think he was really talking about furniture, crockery etc – the kind of stuff that young couples would receive as wedding gifts when they began their lives together. Now naturally, as a woman of the 21st century I think the notion that life begins at marriage is utter bollocks, but I do feel that it’s important for me to remember that I’m not just waiting for my life to begin. I’m living my life already, and to me that means that if I invest in a few things that are designed to last a lifetime, then it might be a wise move. I love the idea that I could buy a makeup brush now, at the beginning of my twenties, and it could see me through a lifetime – if I have a daughter then she’ll watch me putting on my makeup the way that I used to watch my own mother. Makeup and beauty regimes can be such a big part of our femininity and what kind of persona we want to present to the world. It’s shallow, but at the same time it’s not silly. Or at least, no sillier than the idea of passing on jewellery, and with some of my beautiful things I like to remind myself that really I’m just looking after them for the next generation.

So ideally, I want to buy a set of brushes that will truly last me a lifetime. I plan to collect them over a number of years, of course, and once I’ve got what I need I have no intention of continuing to buy for the sake of it. But I think that good makeup brushes are really the meeting point of something beautiful and something useful; I just adore the idea of a brush which is like a miniature work of art, and this is why I covet this:

Suqqu’s Face brush

One day I intend to own this – maybe I’ll ask for it for a graduation present or something. It probably won’t make sense to anyone else, but this brush just sums up everything that I love about makeup. It’s beautifully crafted, timeless and designed to last, and it brings out the way that a simple little daily ritual like putting on makeup can be a miniature work of art.

This post may seem fairly bonkers to a great deal of people, and perhaps it’s silly to try and justify such a ridiculous extravagance. But surely this is a more worthwhile investment than a couple of Tom Ford foundations which will go off after two years, or a set of highlights that will grow out in six months. In a world of disposability, I think there’s something fundamentally appealing about craftsmanship which is intended to last forever.


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