2012 favourites vol. I – skincare

It’s the most hotly anticipated awards since the Oscars – the ‘Best of 2012 by Obscure Beauty Blog’ awards. I thought to make it a bit interesting I’d also mention the products that I’m comparing the winner’s too, so that you know I’ve actively judged the two against one another, rather than that I just […]

Musings on Bioderma

Almost as long as I’ve been aware of the existence of the beauty community, I’ve been aware of the existence of Bioderma. However, I never felt the burning urge to try it, but it so happened that whilst on holiday in Paris my sister had the presence of mind to suggest a bottle as a […]

A very optimistic Christmas wish list

From the top: YSL Le Teint Touche Eclát £29 (I’ve been matched to the shade BR20 if Santa’s listening…), Neom Inspiration 3 Wick Candle £38.50 (for the good of my dissertation, naturally), Suqqu Eyeshadow Brush L £48 (I have an ambition of owning a set of Suqqu brushes to see my through my makeup-wearing life), […]

When is a nude not a nude?

I have extremely pigmented lips. This is hardly a nightmare situation; in fact, I rather like it. It means that there is no space in my life for wishy-washy lip colours which impart a sheer wash of pinky-beigey somethingness. Either go pigmented or go home – nothing else shows up on me. It also means […]